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Grands, uprights and spinets --

Standard piano tuning: $120.00
Pitch raise (at same visit as primary tuning): usually $20.00
Additional repairs: $60.00/hr. (1/2 hour increments)
Voicing and regulation: $75.00/hr.
Inspection and appraisal: $100.00
Mileage fee: $10.00 (Greater than 25 mile distance)

Other Services --

Bass string and treble wire replacement
Grand & Upright hammer replacement
Spinet elbow replacement
Replace slipping tuning pins
Soundboard and bridge repairs

Grand piano cleaning --

Cleaning of the soundboard, under the strings, hitchpins, bridges, tuning pins, and keys, using air compressor, vacuum, and protective tent over piano to protect your home from dust: $150.00

Pneumatic Player Pianos --

Player piano tuning: $140.00
(*Tracker bar cleaning included)
Troubleshooting/repair (to player): $75.00/hr.
Air motor rebuild: $500.00
Electric vacuum pump installation: Call for price