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What To Look For

Before spending money or endangering your own life to transport a heavy, old upright or other piano into your home it is advisable to learn whether or not it is in sound musical condition. Some old pianos (whether a full upright, console, spinet or baby grand) may have lots of life left in them but others may have outlived their ability to stay in tune, or the action (the moving parts) may have deteriorated beyond a point at which it can perform properly. It may just not be sensible to spend the amount of money it would take to bring the instrument up to a high (or even adequate) standard of musical quality.

The photos on the left below show an old upright piano that is in extremely poor condition. Those on the right are of a newer, cleaner instrument. I will be happy to come and inspect a piano for you but you may be able to inspect the piano yourself with the aid of these photos. If you see signs of water damage, rust or exposure to high humidity or excessive dryness it might not be a good idea to accept that free piano or to purchase it, however low the price may be.

If you would like my complete inspection and assessment please give me a call at 513-604-9889 or fill out my contact form.

  Rust on bass strings   Clean, rust-free bass strings  
  Uneven hammers   Even, perfectly regulated hammers  
  Water damage on backs of keys   No signs of water damage  
  Missing ivories or keytops   Perfect keys  
  Rust on treble wire; dirty, dried out dampers   Rust-free treble wire; clean, soft dampers  
  Rust on tuning pins   Clean, rust-free tuning pins